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Europe-China Economic Relations: Assessing Mutual Trust

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, estimated on Friday October 13 in Beijing that “mutual trust” between the European Union and China “has been undermined”.

“Trust is at the heart of every human relationship and … mutual trust has been undermined,” Mr. Borrell said in a speech at the prestigious Peking University.

“We must work to restore this trust. It will not come back by miracle,” he added.

Josep Borrell arrived in China on Thursday to defend the European strategy of “risk reduction” with its main trading partner and lay the foundations for a bilateral summit this year.

This visit comes a few days after the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, over which Mr Borrell called an emergency meeting of European foreign ministers. On this issue, China called on all parties to “cease fire”.

Josep Borrell’s visit, which is to address subjects relating to bilateral relations, international issues and trade, began Thursday with an “exciting exchange” in Shanghai with European companies “on economic and commercial challenges”, Mr. Borrell said. on the social network

A “quantitative and qualitative” trade imbalance

“We must address these challenges, because neither we nor China can ignore each other’s market,” he stressed.

In front of students at Peking University, he declared on Friday that the trade imbalance between the EU and China “is not only quantitative, but also qualitative”.

“In my opinion, in our opinion, the cause is the result of the persistent difficulties faced by European companies when they want to access the Chinese market,” he said.

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