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“More than 740,000 American jobs depend on French investments”

While being very cautious, Hector R. Brown, the new United States consul in Bordeaux who succeeded Alexander Lipscomb at the beginning of the year, has a sense of the formula. Launched into his career very young, he served in difficult places, whether it was the Mexican border town of Ciudad-Juarez, marked by the ultraviolence of the cartels, or the Central African Republic, where the civil war broke out. wreaks havoc. If Hector R. Brown is a Texan it is not a caricature of a cowboy. And he brings with conviction, at the head of the consulate, his support to sexual minorities in the South-West of France, including in rural areas, in line with the policy driven by the administration of Joe Biden.

LA TRIBUNE – Before joining this post of United States consul in Bordeaux, the first permanent diplomatic post opened by the young Republic of the United States of America, in 1778, where were you?

HECTOR R. BROWN – Before arriving in Bordeaux, I was in the Central African Republic (CAR) as head of political and economic affairs at the American embassy in Bangui. Previously, I was attached to the State Department’s Bureau of Peacekeeping Operations, where I monitored United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). , Central African Republic, India, Pakistan, Kosovo and South Sudan. It should be noted that these peacekeeper operations represent significant investments by the international community and that the United States funds more than 25% of the total costs. In the case of the CAR, the budget amounts to more than a billion dollars per year to finance the deployment of more than 19,000 peacekeepers throughout the country.

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