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Beijing’s posture towards Ukraine “Harms” Its Image

KYIV, UKRAINE - JULY 05: A boy chief rides a tank in front of St. Michael's Monastery as daily life continues amid the Russia-Ukraine war in Kyiv, Ukraine on July 05, 2023. As stores and restaurants continue their business in the capital city of Kyiv, citizens stroll through parks with their families and participate in various activities. (Photo by Jose Colon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Beijing’s refusal to condemn the Russian invasion in Ukraine “harms the image” of China, European Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis warned on Monday. “There is […] a reputational risk for China.”

This posture “harms the image of the country, not only vis-à-vis European consumers, but also businesses,” added the commissioner, speaking to students at Tsinghua University.

“Territorial integrity has always been a key principle for China in international diplomacy,” but “the war led by Russia constitutes a flagrant violation of this principle,” he stressed. “Moreover, China has always advocated that each country be free to choose its own development path.”

“So it is very difficult for us to understand China’s position on Russia’s war against Ukraine, because it violates China’s basic principles,” he continued.

Beijing and Moscow have grown closer since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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