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Triangular investment remains important

the president of the Tunisian-African Business Council, Anis Jaziri, underlined the importance of triangular investment between Europe, Tunisia and Africa, reviewing the mechanisms capable of raising Tunisia to the rank of portal for Europe and the African market.

Speaking on Thursday during a round table on triangular investment between Europe, Tunisia and Africa, Jaziri emphasized during this meeting, which was attended by the ambassador of European Union (EU) in Tunisia, representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and several Tunisian companies with investments in Europe, the importance of realizing the concept of economic sustainability.

It is also about creating investment opportunities and strengthening commercial transactions based on a triangular axis which guarantees the country the active and sustainable role of European and African economic investment.
Jaziri noted that Europe remains Tunisia’s first partner in the field of trade, in addition to the presence of several European companies in Tunisia.

In this regard, he highlighted the need for continued action to guarantee the stability of European companies established in Tunisia, and their access to the African continent with Tunisian companies.

He underlined in this context, the importance of Tunisia’s accession to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement to encourage trade between Tunisia and Africa, which offers a opportunity for European companies resident in Tunisia to benefit from these advantages, particularly within the framework of a partnership with the Tunisian market, with a view to allowing access to African markets.
For his part, EU Ambassador to Tunisia Marcus Cornaro stressed the importance of building a clear vision to support triangular investment between Tunisia, the EU and Africa.

He recalled the support given by the EU to all regional and continental cooperation, especially since Tunisia has joined the agreements of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the ZLECAF, hence the need for the extension of the Tunisian-Afro-European common market.

He indicated that the EU strongly supported trade and interregional and continental cooperation both in the Maghreb area and on the African continent, welcoming the dynamism of Tunisian economic diplomacy, in partnership with the public and private sectors, as well as as its promising prospects of exploiting investment opportunities in joint markets.

The round table was organized on the sidelines of the 6th edition of the international conference “financing investment and trade in Africa (FITA 2023)” which is being held from September 20 to 21, 2023, under the theme “Africa facing the crisis global economy and the role of the private sector for sustainable and inclusive economic transformation.

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