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Resilient Diplomacy Amid Earthquake

On the night of Friday, September 8, the earth shook in the Al Haouz region, causing an unspeakable tragedy in which almost 3,000 people lost their lives, while thousands were also injured.

In this tragic moment, an unprecedented surge of solidarity began. Tens of thousands of citizens, Moroccans on national territory and Moroccans around the world, mobilized body and soul to help the survivors.

During this period of national mourning, two countries decided to convert this tragedy into a diplomatic opportunity with a cynicism matched only by the ineffectiveness of their approach.

First, Algeria, which offered Morocco its humanitarian aid, and whose crocodile tears do not seem to convince anyone. But on this side, nothing unexpected. We know them very well and we know how to manage them.

Secondly, France, and here we must distinguish the State from certain media, on the one hand, and the people, on the other.

Let’s start with the media, particularly those called left-wing, like Libération and Charlie Hebdo. Their front pages were quite simply a reflection of their moral and ideological decline, that is to say abject, false and deeply contemptuous. Because this political family fundamentally needs, to continue to exist, a poor, weak and dependent South that it must save and help. Because his business is above all miserabilism and memorial rent. A strong and sovereign South like Morocco represents for the French left a bug in the matrix, a nonsense that is impossible to integrate into its ideological delirium, or at least into its narrative.

On the other side, there is the State, in this case Emmanuel Macron. Because yes, today in France, the State is him and his clique of cosmopolitan oligarchs. It’s called Macronie. The latter decided, after Morocco had simply ignored the aid proposal proposed by France, to go beyond all diplomatic protocols and sovereign prerogatives of Morocco, by directly addressing Moroccans on (ex-Twitter). A speech to the nation in a way, but we must not be mistaken in the nation, since the borders of France stop at the northern shore of the Mediterranean. However, he was kindly put in his place by thousands of Moroccans on social networks, who offered him a free lesson in geography and political science, reminding him of the fundamentals of sovereignty and the official borders of France.

But ultimately, what is the purpose of this clumsy approach? Correct the situation after the false and insulting coverage of the media partly owned by one of its financial and political sponsors, namely Patrick Drahi? Or was the approach of a diplomatic nature and aimed at evacuating with the wave of the hand, as if by a magic trick, all the diplomatic tensions accumulated in recent years between our two countries?

Probably both.

However, as indicated in the title of the column, although the earth did indeed shake, our diplomacy remained firm and true to itself. Because in diplomacy, you should never mix things up. And if Macron wanted to ease tensions between our two countries, we would be happy to show him on a map where the Moroccan Sahara is located.

Finally, the French people, some of whom have expressed their solidarity with us in this moment of tragedy, and there is no reason to doubt the sincerity of these feelings. Because just as with diplomacy, we Moroccans must make a distinction, by clearly distinguishing, on the one hand, French citizens who can be considered friends of Morocco, and on the other , a State whose political and diplomatic action aims to harm the interests of Morocco as much as those of millions of French people, who must probably bitterly regret having voted for the Start-up Nation and company.

The Article originally post on fr.le360.ma

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