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Diplomatic Advisor Gaëlle Hourriez-Bolâtre

Gaëlle Hourriez-Bolâtre has been appointed new diplomatic advisor to the prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Fabienne Buccio.

Appointed diplomatic advisor to the Rhône prefecture, Gaëlle Hourriez-Bolâtre took up her duties on August 22, succeeding Serge Tomasi. Before arriving at this position, Gaëlle Hourriez-Bolâtre held the position of project manager to the director of economic diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris.

Alongside Fabienne Buccio, Gaëlle Hourriez-Bolâtre’s mission is to support the region in its international economic development. The new advisor will notably have to monitor cross-border issues with Switzerland and Italy. “She will intervene within the framework of international cooperation and monitoring of international organizations, including the WHO and its future academy as well as CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). She will also be in charge of relations with the consular body of Lyon, counting among the most important networks at European level,” specifies the prefecture.

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