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Diplomacy Urged: Resolving Ukraine Conflict – Nicolas Sarkozy’s Call

The former President of the Republic was the guest of Gilles Bouleau at 20 hours of TF1. The opportunity for him to detail his analysis of the conflict in Ukraine.

Since the publication of his book entitled Le Temps des combats, Nicolas Sarkozy is back on the front of the stage. On the occasion of the release of this new volume of his memoirs, the former President of the Republic went to the TF1 set this Wednesday for the 8 p.m. TV news. He returned to the major themes of the news, and more particularly to the burning subject of the war in Ukraine.

“I claim neither neutrality nor exhaustiveness,” declared Nicolas Sarkozy in the preamble. If he affirms that Vladimir Putin is “guilty” of having invaded Ukraine, the former head of state intends to favor diplomacy over escalation by arms to resolve the conflict. “Stop talking about buying ammunition, planes, tanks,” he said. Faced with those he describes as “go to war”, the former head of state warns, assuring that the world “dances around a volcano”. Nicolas Sarkozy instead recommends finding “a solution that preserves the interests of Ukraine”, while making “people understand that Russia will not move”. “The way of diplomacy was not used to the end,” he hammered.

A position that triggers controversy

Far from having changed his mind on the war in Ukraine, the former head of state had already affirmed his position during a river interview with Le Figaro, published on Wednesday August 16. The latter had indicated that he did not believe in a resolution of the conflict by arms. “Diplomacy, discussion, exchange remain the only means of finding an acceptable solution,” he told the newspaper. In addition, Nicolas Sarkozy had indicated that he considered that Ukraine should not join NATO or the European Union, but “remain neutral”.

Statements denounced in the process by the Ukrainian ambassador to France, Vadym Omelchenko. In an interview with Ouest-France, he described these remarks as unacceptable “both in form and in substance”.

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