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OIC Urges EU: Ban Koran Burning

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation decided on Monday evening to send a delegation to the European Union to express its rejection of the burning of the Koran, and called on the member states of the organization to take decisions countries where the Quran is desecrated, including Sweden and Denmark.

This is reflected in the final declaration adopted by the organization after an extraordinary meeting of member states at ministerial level, held by teleconference, in order to reject the recurrence of incidents related to the burning of the Koran, that Sweden and Denmark have recently authorized.

In this final statement, the organization underlined that it “strongly condemns the manifest and repeated attacks on the sanctity of the Holy Quran, the last of which took place on July 20 in Stockholm, Sweden, and on the 24th of the same month in Copenhagen, Denmark, without these countries having taken measures to prevent these acts”.

The OIC added that it had decided “to send a delegation to urge the Commission of the European Union to take the necessary measures to ensure that these criminal acts cannot be repeated under the pretext of freedom of expression “.

She also called on “Member States to consider taking such measures as they deem appropriate in their relations with countries in which copies of the Holy Quran are desecrated and burned, including Sweden and Denmark.”

The organization also urged to take “the necessary decisions and measures on the political level, in particular by summoning the ambassadors to Sweden and Denmark for consultations, or economic, cultural or other measures, in order to express his rejection of repeated attacks on the sanctity of the Holy Quran and Islamic symbols”.

The OIC called for “convening a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Islamophobia, in order to carry out a thorough assessment of the outrageous attacks against Muslims and sacred Islamic symbols, including the desecration copies of the Koran”.

She also called for “taking appropriate legal action against hate speech and offensive content, which can offend people’s religious beliefs and harm their institutions, holy books and religious symbols.”

Incidents have recently taken place in Sweden and Denmark, in which right-wing extremists have committed desecrations of the Koran in front of the embassies of Islamic countries, which have provoked strong Arab and Islamic reactions, official and popular, as well as as official convocations of diplomats from these two countries in several Arab capitals.

On July 26, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution, drafted by Morocco, condemning all attacks on holy books, considered a violation of international law.

This article is originally published on aa.com.tr

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