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The African Union has called on the Nigerien army to “return to its barracks and restore constitutional authority within 15 days”, a few days after elements of the presidential guard carried out a coup against the president Mohammad Bazoum.

This is what emerges from a press release from the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, published on Friday evening and consulted by Anadolu.

According to the statement, the African Union called on the putschists to “immediately and unconditionally return to their barracks and restore constitutional authority within a maximum period of 15 days”.

The AU also called for “the immediate and unconditional release of President Mohamed Bazoum and all other detainees, as well as ensuring their safety”.

– France suspends “with immediate effect all its development aid and budget support actions in Niger”

France suspends “with immediate effect, all its development aid and budget support actions in Niger”, the Quai d’Orsay announced in a press release on Saturday.

French diplomacy also calls for “the return without delay to the Nigerien constitutional order, around President Mohamed Bazoum, elected by the Nigeriens”.

Earlier in the day, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, had underlined in a publication that “the people of Niger democratically elected President Bazoum” and considered that “his will must be respected and the constitutional order restored without time limit “.

The European Union (EU) declared on Saturday that it “will not recognize” the powers resulting from the Niger coup.

That’s according to a tweet from EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

Borrell said the following: “The European Union does not and will not recognize the powers resulting from the coup in Niger”, stressing that constitutional order must be restored in the country.

*Türkiye – Russia

Putin and Erdogan agreed to meet

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he agreed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan some time ago to meet, without specifying the location of the meeting.

This is what emerges from a press conference held at the end of the Russian-African Summit in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

Putin said Erdogan invited him before the Turkish elections but they decided to postpone the meeting so as not to affect the elections and domestic politics in Türkiye.

* Russia – Ukraine

– Russia announces that it has foiled a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry announced in a statement released on Sunday that it had foiled a Ukrainian attack with drones targeting sites in the capital Moscow.

The drones were destroyed by Russian air defense systems, the same source added, noting that there were no casualties.

For his part, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, confirmed that the Ukrainian drones attacking the city had been repelled.

Videos circulating on social networks showed an explosion produced after a drone fell on the “Moscow-City” business district.

– Russia used two ballistic missiles in the attack on Dnipro

The Ukrainian General Staff announced that Russia used two “Iskander” type ballistic missiles during the attack on Friday against the Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

This is apparent from a statement from the Ukrainian General Staff released on Saturday, in its assessment of the attacks carried out by Russian forces against Ukraine in the past 24 hours.

The statement also said that 27 clashes took place on the frontline over the past day.

*Tunisia – Italy

Italy plans to welcome thousands of Tunisian workers

Italy and Tunisia discussed ways to implement a pilot project aimed at employing around 40 Tunisians in economic institutions in Italy active in the field of construction and public works.

This is what emerges from a press release from the Tunisian Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, following a meeting between the Italian Ambassador to Tunisia, Fabrizio Saggio, on Friday, and the head of office of the Minister of Employment, Abdelkader Jammali.

The same source clarified, quoting the Italian diplomat, that training sessions are planned for the benefit of the beneficiaries, in the Italian language and in safety in the construction sites. The success of this pilot project will pave the way for the employment of thousands of Tunisians in Italian companies.


The author of an attack on a mosque in March 2022 sentenced to 8 years in prison

The perpetrator of an Islamophobic attack on a mosque in the Canadian city of Mississauga (Center) was sentenced to eight years in prison, local media reported.

On March 19, 2022, the Dar Al-Tawheed mosque in Mississauga (province of Ontario) was the target of an attack, around 7 a.m., perpetrated by Mohammad Moiz Omar (24 years old) who had used a bear repellent and a hatchet to attack the faithful.

The attacker had, when he appeared in Ontario Superior Court, pleaded guilty to three terrorism-related charges.

This article is originally published on aa.com.tr

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