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German Justice: Iranian ‘Death Judge’ Unmasked

Last Friday, two limousines with tinted windows were parked in the parking lot of the INI (International Neuroscience Institute) mental hospital in Hanover. The clinic specializes in brain tumor patients – so far not unusual. The fact that the vehicles bore license plates from the embassy of the “Islamic Republic of Iran” is also nothing special. Wealthy Iranians are happy to have surgery in western countries and take advantage of medical advances, which they are looking for in vain in their country.

However, this observation is further evidence that Hossein-Ali Nayyeri is being treated in Germany. Hossin Nayyeri is known in Iran as the “death judge”. Thousands of political prisoners were executed in 1988 at the behest of then ruler Ayatollah Khomeini. Without procedure. Even today, these executions are considered the greatest crime that ever took place in Iran.

The head of the responsible “death commission” was called – Hossin-Ali Nayyeri. A man who later became head of the Revolutionary Courts and subsequently Vice President of Iran’s Supreme Court.

Spicy: The head of the clinic in Hanover is the German-Iranian Madjid Samii, who was born in Tehran. A neurosurgeon loyal to the regime, decorated by the Iranian President. Even a clinic in Iran bears his name. When asked, he denies treating a patient from Iran. After all, that is bad for your reputation.

Once again: An Iranian mass murderer is receiving medical care in Germany? A declared mortal enemy of the West (!) enjoys the progress of Western medical research in the West (!)? At home he advises his co-religionists to go to the mosque if they are seriously ill.

So it’s not surprising that criminal charges are pouring in. Relatives of the victims, who were also tortured themselves, filed a complaint with the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office. Nayyeri had daughters, sons, mothers and fathers tortured and executed and did not even tell their families the day of execution or the place of burial. A higher level of misanthropy is hard to find.

But can it really be the task of the victims to accuse a butcher like Nayyeri? Is it not rather the task of the German authorities to arrest a murderer who has entered the country with a valid visa and to ensure that he does not escape his just punishment?

The responsible authorities turn a deaf ear.

A statement from the Federal Foreign Office states that, in principle, they do not comment on individual visa cases. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice knows nothing about entry. And the public prosecutor’s office in Hanover announced on Monday that criminal liability under international criminal law had been denied by the federal prosecutor general.

In case you don’t understand, it seems obvious that justice for the victims of human rights crimes is being sacrificed on the altar of crisis diplomacy. Can that be? Judge for yourself.

This article is originally published on nius.de

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