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Influential Manipulation: Haiti’s People at Stake

In this weekly editorial from Haiti Observateur, reviewed by Rezo Nòdwès, the author raises concerns about relations between Haiti and foreign powers, in particular the so-called “friends” of the first black Republic. The editorial text is based on a quote from Jean de La Fontaine to illustrate the situation in the country: “Depending on whether you are powerful or miserable, court judgments will make you white or black”.

By using this quote from La Fontaine to introduce its argument, Haiti-Observateur highlights the interplay of power and influence, which can make court judgments unfair, depending on the power or misery of the individuals or states involved.

The oldest Haitian weekly in New York denounces the hypocrisy of countries that claim to be friends of Haiti and who advocate democracy, while imposing their will on the country without taking into account its legitimate interests. He particularly criticizes the current Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, whom he describes as a “vassal of the international community” and an accomplice in the policy dictated by the United States and the CORE Group.

The text also highlights Haiti’s vulnerability to major world powers, comparing them to jungle predators who impose their will on weaker countries, such as Haiti. It evokes the history of Haiti as the first independent black republic, which had to suffer reprisals from the former slave monarchies for defeating the most powerful European army of the time and proclaiming the end of slavery.

The author criticizes American foreign policy which influences the functioning of Haitian diplomacy and evokes the deployment of an international military force proposed by Ariel Henry to fight against armed gangs. He underlines that the actions of the great powers continue to influence the situation of the country, to the detriment of the Haitian people.

In conclusion, the editorial emphasizes that despite the evolution of time, Haiti’s international relations remain marked by the influence of foreign powers. The hard-hitting title, “Haiti in the Grip of Manipulative Diplomacy,” reflects the author’s critical stance toward the country’s international relations, highlighting how the powerful dictate to the detriment of the Haitian people.

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