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China-Europe Bickering: Beijing Seeks Brussels Clarifications

The EU must “clarify” its position regarding its relations with Beijing, asked Wang Yi, head of Chinese diplomacy, during a meeting with Josep Borrell, head of European foreign policy.

“The EU should… clarify its position in the strategic partnership between the two sides and encourage China-EU relations to move forward,” Y. Wang told J. Borrell in a sideline interview. a meeting on Southeast Asia in Jakarta on July 14, according to the ministry statement. “She must not hesitate and even less encourage words and deeds for a step back,” he insisted. “There is no conflict over fundamental interests between China and the EU”, assured the Chinese diplomat, the main foreign affairs official within the Chinese Communist Party – a hierarchical rank higher than that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs.

These Chinese statements come after Berlin unveiled its new emancipation strategy against China on July 13, aimed at “mitigating risks without cutting ties” with Beijing. China immediately warned Germany against any attitude that could “harm their cooperation and mutual trust”. This new German strategy comes in a general context of growing concerns in Europe and the United States about China’s ambitions.

But while some EU member states fear antagonizing Beijing and triggering a trade war, others are instead pushing for more protection. EU members criticize China for its position on the Ukrainian conflict, and its proximity to Moscow. China had canceled on July 4 the visit to Beijing of the head of European diplomacy, scheduled for the following week.

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