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Omar Harfouch: Committed & Versatile Artist

Omar Harfouch was the guest in Cyrielle Sarah Cohen’s 3 p.m. 4:30 p.m. on Radio-J, pianist, composer, businessman and human rights defender, he shared with us his journey and his important commitments.

Born in 1969 in Tripoli, Lebanon, Omar Harfouch grew up in a context marked by civil war, which forged his determination to make a positive difference. He pursued studies of classical music in Moscow, USSR, and also acquired training in diplomacy at the Soviet Diplomatic Academy.

As a pianist, Omar Harfouch had the opportunity to play for political figures, including President Frangieh. His haunting melodies transcended borders and established connections between music and the political sphere.

However, music is only one aspect of Omar Harfouch’s life. He is also a passionate defender of human rights, actively involved in the fight against corruption and the protection of minorities in Lebanon. At the microphone of Cyrielle Sarah Cohen, he revealed in particular that he was targeted by an arrest warrant for espionage for having had exchanges with Israelis during his conferences, which according to him is above all the result of the denunciation of the corrupt regime. and its desire to establish a more republican policy in Lebanon.
Invited by the Licra, his commitment earned him an invitation to address the Senate last night and will be in the European Parliament on July 27, where he will discuss the current situation in Lebanon and to advocate for concrete measures.

Omar Harfouch embodies hope and action in pursuit of positive change in Lebanon. His emotional music and sincere commitment to human rights make him an important voice in his country and beyond. By participating in high-level political forums, he seeks to raise awareness of the situation in Lebanon and promote durable solutions.

This article is originally published on radioj.fr

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