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European Parliament Relations: House Of Representatives Meeting

The Morocco-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) held on Wednesday, on the Moroccan side, a meeting with the ad hoc thematic committee devoted to the reassessment of relations with the European Parliament, chaired by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi. In mid.

Last February, the Moroccan Parliament created a thematic committee composed of representatives of its two Chambers and responsible for reassessing relations with the European Parliament following the position taken by the latter with regard to Morocco.

On behalf of the Moroccan side, the chairman of the Morocco-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee, Lahcen Haddad, said in a statement at the end of the meeting that the latter was devoted to the presentation of recommendations formulated by the Thematic Committee and the examination of certain problems inherent in the partnership with the European side.

In this sense, Mr. Haddad underlined that “there is a group of European parliamentarians who have taken the European Parliament hostage and who are scrutinizing every opportunity by launching accusations against Morocco without proof”, quoting the report voted by the European Parliament last week and implicated the name of Morocco, as it has done in the past, when accusations of corruption and interference have been made, without presenting any evidence”.

The head of the Morocco-EU joint parliamentary committee denounced the behavior of this group, fueled by a firm desire to oppose the interests of Morocco and even the interests of the European Union (…) which intimidated many parliamentarians to that they adopt resolutions or certain amendments which are at odds with the partnership between the two Moroccan and European parliaments”.

In this context, he recalled the agreement in principle on working methods between the Moroccan Parliament and the European Parliament, which must be implemented within the framework of the partnership, while emphasizing the need to respect what has been agreed and to look to the future with optimism, thereby welcoming the appointment of a new President of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, on the European side.

Mr. Haddad also expressed the availability of the Moroccan side “to work with him in order to raise all the issues of concern to both parties, both those related to immigration, security, economic and commercial cooperation. or even energy”.

He also mentioned important subjects which concern the partnership between the two parties and “which must be examined within the framework of the Joint Commission as a framework in which all the questions which concern the European and Moroccan parties are examined. ”

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