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Fuzzy and False: Unveiling European Diplomacy’s Realities

The “fuzzy” and the “false” are the secrets of European and American diplomacy, in the world and in Africa. This clumsy image deeply struck the Republics of Chad, Guinea and South Africa.

In these specific cases, American and German diplomats have become “donors” of lessons in political society in N’djamena, Conakry, and Pretoria, in democratic transition, or in institutional difficulties. These repeated scandals constitute the “fuzziness” and the “fake” of American and European diplomats stationed on the African continent.

Since the independence of African countries, Europe and the United States have never changed their diplomatic footing and international relations strategy. Especially when these Western countries have economic interests. In this wider circle of the “Fake” and the “Fuzzy”, war is the solution.

Take a good look at the war in Sudan: Simple calculations of geo-regional positioning to win, and take charge of the oil pipeline that crosses all of Sudan. In the Middle East, neither European diplomacy nor that of the United States has ever made a strong request to Israel to accept that Palestine become a state. Quite simply, Democrats and Republicans flourish in their powers à la Blanche, thanks to the Jewish community.

If we stay in this dynamic diplomatic hypocrisy, Europe knows its ingredients in Ukraine. The “fake” and the “fuzzy”, against a background of misinformation with increased pressure in the face of Russia. We look at the UN. Where she eats is in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she extorts is in Mali.

In my opinion, Western and American diplomats have the “known” function of justifying the unhappiness of the African continent. Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, General Mahamat Idriss Déby, Colonel Assimi Goïta said no to this diplomatic charade, in a defense essential to their sovereignty.

The ambassadors of Germany and France were expelled from Chad and Mali. Only the Ukrainian president who, in an inflammable environment, has not yet understood anything about the geopolitical turbulence of European and American diplomacy. And, in my opinion, the Ukrainian president will be wrong to enter into the prestigious signature, as a member of NATO.

This article is originally published on afrikipresse.fr

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