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Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law: Biden Condemns Human Rights Violation

The “anti-homosexuality” law enacted in Uganda constitutes a “tragic violation” of human rights and must be repealed, said Monday Joe Biden, citing possible consequences on aid and investments of the United States in the country.

The American president specified that he had asked his services to study the consequences of this “shameful” law on “all aspects of cooperation between the United States and Uganda”, in particular aid and investments, according to a communicated.

The passage of this law “compromises the prospects for essential economic growth for the whole country”, he continued, calling for “its immediate withdrawal”.

US authorities are studying “additional measures”, such as sanctions or restrictions on entry into the territory of the United States for “anyone associated with human rights violations or acts of corruption”, added the Democratic president.

The text, which arouses the indignation of human rights organizations, provides for heavy penalties for homosexual relations and the “promotion” of homosexuality.

“No one should be in constant fear for their life, nor should they suffer violence or discrimination. This is unacceptable,” said Joe Biden.


The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, considered on Monday “deplorable” the promulgation in Uganda of a new law providing for heavy penalties for homosexual relations and the “promotion” of homosexuality.

“Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s enactment of the anti-homosexuality law is deplorable. This law is against human rights,” Josep Borrell said on Twitter. “The Ugandan government has an obligation to protect all its citizens and uphold their basic rights. Failure to do so will compromise relations with international partners,” he added in a statement.

London “Appalled”

The United Kingdom said it was “appalled” on Monday by the enactment of the “deeply discriminatory” “anti-homosexuality” law in Uganda, warning of the risks of persecution and health risks.

“The government of the United Kingdom”, a former colonial power from which Uganda declared its independence in 1962, “is appalled that the Ugandan government has signed the deeply discriminatory anti-homosexuality law”, declared the Secretary of State to the Foreign Affairs Andrew Mitchell in a statement.

“This law undermines the constitutionally guaranteed protections and freedoms of all Ugandans” in the country, he continued.

This text “will increase the risk of violence, discrimination and persecution, set back the fight against AIDS and damage Uganda’s image on the international scene”, he added.

Recalling the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the British Secretary of State stresses that “the strongest, safest and most prosperous societies are those where everyone can live freely, without fear of violence and discrimination, and where all citizens are treated fairly and can play a full and active role in society”.

“The UK is opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances,” he continued, while Ugandan parliamentarians maintained a provision making “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by death. However, this has not been applied for years in Uganda.

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