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How Brussels Sees Beijing: J. Borrell Militarizes European Diplomacy

Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, signed a long column in the columns of the Sunday Journal on Sunday, which he entitled “A cold look at China”. This column is not published by chance in a French newspaper: J. Borrell seems determined to restore, in public opinion, the image of a united Europe in the face of China.

Emmanuel Macron’s recent remarks on the need not to be “follow-man” or “enter into a logic of blocks” about Taiwan seemed to place the French president at odds with of its partners in the European Union. The debates were lively in the European Parliament this week and J. Borrell had mentioned in plenary the risk of a possible action against Taiwan and “the need to reject it”.

The head of European diplomacy apparently believes that the debate has not been closed, and he decided, with this platform, to set the record straight, on the eve of the meeting of the 27 Foreign Ministers of the EU, in Brussels. He wants to put the question of China on the carpet and reaffirm the European position which, according to him, has never changed.

There is only one China, yes, but not at the cost of the use of force. And after the naval maneuvers of the Chinese fleet, European navies must “patrol the Taiwan Strait to signify Europe’s commitment to freedom of navigation in this absolutely crucial area”. And the status quo is the most appropriate solution

Comments that are likely to displease China, since the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Qin Gang, castigated Friday a “definition” of the status quo by the West which amounts to “trampling on Chinese sovereignty”.

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