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Taiwan: Macron Urges EU Independence From US And China

The Head of State affirmed that he refused to enter “in a logic of block to block” vis-à-vis the situation between Taiwan, China and the United States. Emmanuel Macron spoke in an interview published Sunday in Les Echos.

Emmanuel Macron at the end of his three-day visit to China wants Europe to make a different voice heard on the question of Taiwan. The French head of state refuses to “enter into a block-to-block logic”.

The President of the French Republic urges the European Union not to “be a follower” of the United States or China on this issue, in an interview with the daily Les Echos, published this Sunday, April 9.

According to Emmanuel Macron, “the worst thing would be to think that we Europeans should be followers” on the question of Taiwan “and adapt to the American rhythm and a Chinese overreaction”.

Questioned on Friday by Les Echos even before the start of major Chinese military maneuvers around Taiwan on Saturday, the French president calls on Europe to “wake up”:

“Our priority is not to adapt to the agenda of others in all regions of the world. Why should we go at the pace chosen by others? At some point, we have to ask ourselves the question of our interest.

The head of state discussed the issue of the island on Friday with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

“The conversation was dense and frank” between Emmanuel Macron and the Chinese head of state, said the Elysée, reporting the vigilance of the French president around “the accumulation of tensions in the region” which could lead “to over-accident”.

This article is originally published on atlantico.fr

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