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EU’s Plan To Monitor Digital Platform Workers

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A European Commission project aims to protect delivery people operating on behalf of digital platforms. He wants to legislate on the “presumption of employment” on the basis of five criteria.
The European Parliament wants to roll out legislation to better regulate the rights of workers working on behalf of digital freight transport service platforms. During a plenary session in Brussels (Belgium), MEPs voted by majority (376 votes for, 212 against and 15 abstentions) for the European Commission’s project to reclassify certain self-employed employees working for these platforms as employees. In this context, Brussels wants in particular to introduce a notion of “presumption of employment” based on five criteria:

The setting of the remuneration by the platform;

  • remote supervision of services;
  • The impossibility for the employee to choose his schedules or to refuse assignments;
  • The imposition of a uniform;
  • The prohibition to work for other companies
  • If two of these criteria are met, the platform would be considered an “employer” and will have to comply with the labor law requirements in the country concerned: minimum wage, working time, sickness benefits, paid leave, retirement, etc.

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