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European Parliament’s Double Standard On Western Sahara

“The intergroup for Western Sahara is biased” and therefore violates the rules of the European Parliament, signs the Spanish political scientist Juan Vicente Pérez Aras in a long article highlighting the acquaintance between this intergroup and Algeria.

In “Intergroups in the European Parliament, between politicization and partiality” published on the Moncloa news site, political scientist Juan Vicente Pérez Aras focuses on “a textbook case”: the intergroup for Western Sahara.

“This group is debating a political issue that depends on the UN Security Council. But it never reflects the opinions of the different parties to the conflict, only the positions of the Polisario Front and its sponsor, Algeria,” writes the political scientist, member of the Popular Party (PP).

While the intergroups are created to debate a well-defined question and in all objectivity, this intergroup is instrumentalized to serve the political agenda of its sponsor (Algeria, editor’s note), he continues.

This impartiality is flagrant given that “this intergroup has never addressed issues relating to human rights violations in the Tindouf camps on Algerian soil”, nor “the embezzlement of European humanitarian aid which was identified and documented by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)”.

Instead, this intergroup “only invites people who obey the Polisario agenda, including Sultana Khaya, which often calls for terrorist acts against civilians in the Sahara”. The latter was also invited, on February 7, by the intergroup bringing together around sixty MEPs, to publicly attack Morocco.

“The lack of impartiality means that the intergroup commits, again and again, in flagrant violation of Article 3 of the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament”, “by directly undermining Morocco’s relations with the EU since it systematically attacks the Morocco”, underlines the Spanish political scientist.

“It is surprising that MEPs who have expressed their dissatisfaction with Parliamentgate have done nothing! No resolution to ban this intergroup! Is it a double standard? Is it collusion with Algeria? Why does the Presidency of the European Parliament not take responsibility and put an end to these intergroups which create more problems than they solve? concludes Juan Vicente Pérez Aras.

This article is originally published on h24info.ma

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