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Toneelkring’s Generosity: Helping The Less Fortunate

Toneelkring De Brug from Retie has again handed out a few thousand euros. “To people in Retie who are less fortunate than us,” says actor board member Jan Van Campfort.

Since its creation in 1961, De Brug has donated many thousands of euros. Whenever the group performs a play, the proceeds are later distributed to charities in their own village. “For example, this year we can award four checks of 2,000 euros each to Samana Retie, KVG Retie, Schakel Retie and the animation team of the Annadal Retie residential care centre: 8,000 euros in total,” says Jan Van Campfort proudly.

In November and December, the actors and actresses of De Brug performed ten sold-out performances of the comic theater play Barak. “We earned the income from the sale of entrance tickets, at 10 euros per ticket, but mainly from the digestion of drinks, chips and chocolate before, during and after the performances,” says Jan.

Sixty Members

Theater association De Brug in Retie today has about sixty members, from performers to board members, technicians, tappers, waiters and chair setters. The youngest actor is 21 years old. The oldest member of the association is 89 years old.

This article is originally published on nieuwsblad.be

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