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EU Greenlights Pfizer To Access Parliament Over Covid Contracts

Opposing the will of the members of the Special Covid Commission (to prohibit Pfizer from having access to the European Parliament), the leaders of the political parties within the EU again authorize the officials of the American laboratory to access the Parliament European

The European Union finally capitulated. Indeed, on January 11, our media relayed the twitte of Michèle Rivasi, MEP, who informed us that the Special Covid Commission had come out in favor of a sanction against Pfizer by prohibiting the American laboratory from having access to the premises. of the European Parliament.

“SMS case: after the double refusal on the part of the CEO of Pfizer, Mr. Bourla, to testify in the European Parliament, the Special Covid Commission has just decided in favor of a sanction against the pharmaceutical firm by prohibiting it from access to our premises.

Barely revealed, the information had triggered the immense joy of Internet users and politicians who have continued to demand sanctions against Pfizer and Von Der Leyen who categorically refuse to make public their exchanges concerning vaccine contracts worth several billion dollars. euros.

Alas, this joy was only short-lived. Because, this February 17, it is the media Ouest-France which tells us that the presidents of the political groups within the European Union have formally opposed that the persons in charge of Pfizer are prohibited from access to the European Parliament.

Demand of MEPs

“MEPs on the Covid committee demanded that the managers of the American laboratory be deprived of access to the European Parliament. They criticize its CEO, Albert Bourla, for his lack of transparency. The presidents of the political groups refused to accede to their request, ”informs the French media.

Ouest-France continues: “the red carpet remains unrolled for him… Like nearly 50,000 lobbyists, linked to 12,489 organizations and companies, the CEO of the American laboratory Pfizer, Albert Bourla, can continue to come and go as he pleases in Parliament European Union, decided this Thursday, February 16, the presidents of the political groups that sit there. It’s legal.”

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