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Brussels Faces Trouble Amid Spain-Algeria Crisis

The European Union has expressed itself again on the crisis which has lasted for eleven months between Algeria and Spain, one of its Member States.

It is a very uncomfortable position in which the EU finds itself between Algeria and Spain. While saying it is ready to intervene in favor of one of its members, the Union recognizes the importance of its relations with Algeria.

The European Commission expressed confidence in the ability of Algeria and Spain to resolve the trade crisis, claiming to follow the situation closely with the possibility of acting if necessary, said its spokesperson Miriam García Ferrer , to Europa Press on Friday 17 February.

It all started with the unexpected reversal in Spain’s official position on the Western Sahara issue in March 2022. Madrid’s alignment with the Moroccan autonomy plan prompted Algeria to take several measures against Spain. .

Algeria recalled its ambassador to Spain the day after Pedro Sanchez’s government’s decision on Western Sahara, before returning to the charge in June with the suspension of the friendship treaty which has bound the two countries for twenty years and trade relations.

Miriam Garcia Ferrer told Europa Press that Brussels has “regularly expressed concern about the fallout on trade” between Spain and Algeria.

Algeria, an “Important Partner” For The EU

Spain had already held up the card of the involvement of the European Union in its crisis with Algeria through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albarès.

“Algeria is an important partner for the EU in the southern Mediterranean and a key player for regional stability”, however tempered Miriam Garcia Ferrer who showed confidence in a “solution as soon as possible for a full restoration of trade and investment relations without restrictions” between Algeria and Spain.

Algeria is one of the major gas suppliers to the European Union, particularly Italy, with which it has signed numerous supply agreements for this energy, in a context marked by Brussels’ decision to reduce dependence of EU countries on Russian gas.

To achieve this objective, the European Commission spokeswoman believes that the dialogue must bring “concrete results” by suggesting that Brussels would coordinate with the Spanish government to assess whether the restrictions on trade are contrary to the agreement. association between Algeria and the European Union.

Miriam Garcia Ferrer recalled that trade falls under the “exclusive competences” of the European Commission and that the latter was ready to “speak out against any type of measure against one of its Member States”.

“We will assess all possible means, including politically, to address trade barriers with Algeria,” added Garcia Ferrer.

On Thursday, Algeria protested, in a statement by a senior Foreign Ministry official to APS, against the bias of the European Union on the issue of the crisis with Spain.

This article is originally published on tsa-algerie.com


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