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Kyiv’s Attack On Crimea Will Ignite Ukraine

Igor Girenko, the press secretary at the Russian Embassy in the United States, responded to remarks by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland regarding Washington’s support for Kiev’s strikes on targets in Crimea.

According to Girenko, Nuland’s statement came to confirm Washington’s direct involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, reports RIA Novosti.

“Remarks by a senior State Department official on February 16 on support for Ukrainian armed forces to carry out strikes on Crimea clearly confirm Russia’s position on direct US involvement in the conflict,” said Igor Girenko.

Pushing Ukraine to attack Crimea is akin to pushing an “attack on Moscow or Vladivostok”, the Russian official said. According to him, Washington’s position is an undisguised manifestation of the belligerent attitude of the United States towards Russia.

Mr. Girenko expressed the hope that the international community pays attention to whoever seems to be the main instigator of the crisis in Ukraine.

On February 17, Victoria Nuland, during an online event at the Carnegie Center, said that Russian military bases in Crimea were legitimate targets for Ukraine.

“These are legitimate targets. Ukraine is hitting them and we support it,” she said of Russian military installations in Crimea, Victoria Nuland said.

According to her, there are massive military installations in Crimea, which Russia has turned into important logistical points.

Russia Will Use All Types of Weapons. No restrictions

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, said in response to these threats that Russia, in the event of attacks by Kiev on its territories, would be ready to use all types of weapons.

“We don’t impose any restrictions on ourselves. Depending on the nature of the threats, we are ready to use all types of weapons. In accordance with our doctrinal documents, including the Fundamental Principles of Nuclear Deterrence. I can assure you: the response will be quick, tough and convincing,” Dmitry Medvedev said.

Medvedev also threatened Ukraine with retaliation instead of negotiations if kyiv dared strike Crimea.
“All of Ukraine that remains under kyiv’s control will be on fire,” he warned.

Maria Zakharova, official spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, in a comment to Nuland’s remarks on Crimea, advised Washington to focus on the problem of UFOs and white balloons instead.

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